Welcome to  you and your family and friends at “Vansol Vibahag Satavis Gam” online portal. It is our pleasure to serve you as a gateway for members  of samaj to share knowledge and exchange useful information.  We will help to build our samaj strong and united to create public awareness regarding any issues that may affecting to our community. Followings are some suggestions to build strong samaj.

   - Join Picnics , Garba and Diwali functions. Some might say we do not know any one.  We would say please come so that you will know more people and have fun.

   - Please join our Garba every year. It is nice way for youth to come together.

   - Please join other samaj events and feel the difference.

   - We do welcome any new volunteers to support Samaj activities.

Finally, We encourage all of our members to become active and participate in Samaj activities. It is our responsibility to carry on our culture to next generation. It is our duty to protect our identity, culture and heritage. We would say not only to protect it but also to pass over to next generation. The success of our samaj rests on each one of us.


- Vansol Vibhag Satavis Gam Samaj

Vansol Vibhag Satavis Gam

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